"The best way to solve a problem is to blow it away."

The Explosives skill modifies your proficiency at using explosive weaponry and disarming. It's governing attribute is perception.


The Explosives skill governs the ability to use all mines, grenades, and Explosive skill based weapons (excluding missile and mini nukes -- see Heavy Weapons).

As with all combat skills: the higher the skill is, the higher the damage you inflict with the corresponding weaponry. There are two types of explosive weaponry -- Set and Thrown. A set weapon is any explosive that gets detonated, triggered, or timed, such as Plastic Charge. A thrown explosive, like the common Dynamite or Frag Grenade, are dictated by your Throwing statistic.

Disarming is the risky active ability of explosives. This includes disarming sensory-based traps, like Bear Traps, as well as proximity-based ones, like Landmines. After disarming them, you can actually take them with you as a weapon. Like all skill checks, disarming traps requires a d20 roll. Proximity traps can be avoided by crouching or prone crawling.

Attack RollsEdit

Attack: Base Attack Dice + ((Skill Requirement - Skill) * -0.5) - Range Modifier

Damage: (Explosives * 0.25) * Base Damage Dice

Weapon OverviewEdit

Explosives have very different attributes than the other weapons. All explosives have a radius value. The radius is how far the explosion is. If the value is 2, than each two squares outwards, adjacent to the original square, will be caught in the explosion. Thrown explosives additionally have a range modifier, which is just your throwing distance (or Square Difference multipled by your throwing modifier). Timed explosives can be set for any number of turns (1 turn equals 1 minute). If shot, explosives will instantly trigger. Some of them can be set up as traps, such as an activation wire or a floor sensor.