Goodsprings is a good tutorial town for your group because it includes a lot of low level skill challenges, which deal with non-Charisma based dialogue. In my campaign, Goodsprings replaces Shady Sands as the town inbetween Vault 13 and Vault 15. Like any other adventure, you may change aspects of the mission to suit your party's levels or take different parts of this settlement in order to construct an entirely new area.


When the Player Characters first enter the town, read:

“You encounter a small settlement. A rusty sign greets you, ‘Goodsprings’.” Seen from a distance, the most notable building is the ‘Prospector Saloon’, which uses letters taken from different neon signs to spell out its own name, similar to a ransom letter. A very old man in a cowboy hat rots away in a rocking chair, outside the saloon. Besides that, all the other buildings look like regular old western houses. Going farther up the road, you see a gas station, and on the other side, behind a cliff, a fallen radio tower. Silhouetted by the sunrise, a hill with a windmill stands at the opposite end of town.”


Prospector Saloon

Encounter 1

"You pass the elderly man, singing some old country tunes to himself. Inside a redheaded woman attempts to fix a jukebox in the corner, producing only static noises. A dog, sleeping by her side, becomes alarmed and begins to bark viciously at you. She restricts the dog, 'Cheyenne, stay!'. Calmingly, she greets the party, 'Don't worry, She won't bite. . . unless I tell her to. You folks must be new in town. I'm the sheriff, Sunny Smiles. What can I do y'all for?'"

Go to 2.1 Sunny Smiles.

Encounter 2

"As you open the door to the Prospector Saloon, a loud argument can be heard. A man dressed in police gear, marked with the words NCRCF, and the bartender are at different stances. 'That's it, I'm done being nice. If you don't hand Ringo over soon, my friends and I are coming over soon, and we're burning this place to the ground', threatens the man. Sarcastically, the bartender replies, 'well if you aren't going to buy anything, get out'. The man picks up a whiskey glass and smashes it against the ground, before leaving."

If the Player Characters ask to stop the man, go to 2.8 Joe Cobb.

If the Player Characters ask to speak to the bartender, go to 2.2 Trudy.

Minor Encounters

If the Player Characters wish to learn more about the Prospector Saloon, read:

"There is a pool table and a jukebox are to the right of the bar, and seating and to the left, with bathrooms in the back. 'Next to the gentleman's room, a door is boarded up. 'The counter, where Trudy is located, is covered in an assortment of different bottles. Old advertisements for Vegas entertainers hang along the walls."
​If the Player Characters wish to learn more about the Pool Table, read:
"Its a dirty old pool table with scratches and tears all over, and most of the balls missing. A pool cue is diagnoally placed across the table."
The Pool Cue can be taken and equipped as a Melee Weapon, but is considered stealing, as with all items in the Prospector Saloon.
If the Player Characters wish to learn more about the Jukebox, read:
"The Jukebox is lit and plugged in, but is only making static."
The Player Characters can try and fix the Jukebox, but nothing will happen.
If the Player Characters wish to learn more about the Counter, read:
"The counter is peeling and ruined from years without maintenance, but you get the feeling its always been like this. Underneath a glass pitcher of some alcoholic drink, there is an issue of the magazine, Fixin' Things."
Fixin' Things can be stolen with a thievery check of 25, unless the bar is cleared, in which case, its an automatic theft.
If the Player Characters wish to learn more about the Boarded Door, read:
"This door is locked."
The Player Characters can attempt to unlock the door with a Lockpick skill check of 25. The door leads to Trudy's office. If the PC's manage to enter the room, read:
"You've managed to unlock the door. Inside is Trudy's office. On her desk is a copy of Salesman Weekly. In the corner is a distillery, surrounded by a few jugs of moonshine."
The Player Characters can steal Salesman Weekly and the Moonshine. If the Player Characters wish to blow up the distillery, they can either set a explosive nearby or perform a Mechanics skill check of 25 to set the distillery to explode soon, allowing for escape.

Goodsprings General Store

"This store looks like the most boring place ever. Besides empty shelves lining the walls, there is a poster for a soft drink and a shovel. A loud, echoing clock keeps ticking. The cashier looks like he's going to go insane."

Doc Mitchell's House

Gas Station

Encounter 1

"As soon as you walk into the gas station, you are greeted by the barrel of a shotgun. Its wielder demands to know who you are."

Minor Encounters

If the players want to know more about the gas station, read:

"There's nothing of value left in this scavenged gas station. On the shelves, you see about ten empty cans and a box of Cram. The gas station is owned by Poseidon Energy. The company's slogon keeps playing on a broken speakers in the corner -- 'Begin your Odyssey with us, Poseidon Energy'."

Goodsprings Schoolhouse

Minor Encounters
Item Passage Skill Check Event
Blackboard "On the blackboard are three mathmetic formulas written with chalk. You can use academics to solve them." Solve math problems - Academics 35 If the PCs successfully solved the math problems, read: "After successfully solving the math problems, you get the numbers 12, 36, 18."
Closet "That's a closet." Unlock closet - Lockpick 25

If the PCs walk into the closet, read: "Inside the closet, you see a vacuum and a shelf containing a few ruined books and a key."

If the PCs try to open the closet door, read: "The door is closed."

Desk "That's a desk."

If the PCs search the desk, read: "You found a magazine called Lad's Life, which contains articles written for boy scouts."

If the PCs try to check another desk, read: "You find nothing inside the desk."

Eggsack "It appears to be a sack of eggs." Identify eggsacks - Survival 35

If the PCs identified the eggsacks, read: "You noticed that the eggsacks are spawning more mantises."

The PCs can destroy the eggsack with any attack.

Fence "You see a fence. Its rusted and sharp parts are petruding from it." If a PC tries to climb it, they get 1 damage.
Safe "That's a safe." Unlock Safe - Lockpick 35, Use Key, Use Code

If the PCs try to search the safe before unlocking it, read: "The safe is locked."

If the PCs search the safe after unlocking it, read: "Inside the safe are 30 bottlecaps and a stealth boy, a device which can cause you turn invisible by reflecting light."

Stump "You see a tree stump covered in moss and turnip-like stalks surrounding it." The PCs can harvest the turnip-like stalks. If they harvest them, the PCs get three Xander Roots.
Terminal "That's a terminal. It holds information, from before and after the war. They are also used to control other things in the surrounding, like turrets or robots. They can be hacked with science." Hack Terminal -- Science 35 If the terminal is hacked, read, "On the terminal's interface, it has a link to unlock the safe."
Tree "You see a leafless tree which has fallen onto the fence, clearing a path."
Window "You see a broken window." If the players use the window to look inside, they can get the locations of the mantises before walking into the building and slaughter them from outside.

Goodsprings Source

Encounter 1 -- Back in the Saddle
Minor Encounters
Item Passage Skill Check Event
Campfire "You see a campfire. You can make various creations here with the Medicine and Survival skills, as long as your skill is high enough." If the PC meets the requirement and have the ingredients, they can make whatever is on the list, plus more.
Peak "The cliff is full of different garbage. You see a couple billards balls, activated bear traps, a few playing cards, a lawn chair, and an ammo box of energy cells, ammunition for most energy weapons."

Upon reaching the peak, if the players have encountered Barton Thorn, he will appear and tell them, "Hey, sorry I tricked you, but thanks for clearing out the geckos. Now that I can get to my stash up here, I'll have to deal with you." Barton attacks you.

2 billards balls, 3 Bear Traps, 4 Aces, Lawn Chair, 20 Energy Cells

Radio Tower "It seems this radio tower has recently fallen. It looks like its going to take a lot to repair."

Repair Radio Tower - Mechanics 50

If the PC used the satellite and radio receiver as tools to help with the repair, they get a 18 Skill Bonus from each to their overall roll.

If the PC failed, they are dealt 1d4 electric damage, and read, "You make a mistake and touch a live wire, electrocuting yourself."

The Jukebox in Trudy's bar works. You can use it to listen to an emergency NCR announcement.
Trailer "You see a very small and tight-spaced trailer. There is no door and the window is broken. Inside is only a mattress." When the PCs walk into the trailer, say, "As you walk towards the trailer, a man runs up to you, panting. 'Please help! My girl... trapped by a pack of geckos on the ridge. I can't get to her, if you don't help, she'll die!" Go to 2.8 Barton Thorn.
Water Sources "You see a well with water very far below." The players can get water three times from a single water source before the water source runs out. After that, notify the PCs that there is no more water inside of that well.

Goodsprings Cemetery

When the players first enter the Goodsprings Cemetery, read:

"You come to a hill with makeshift warning signs, among them reading 'KEEP OUT' and 'DON'T DIG'. At the top of the hill are graves and a water tower."

Item Passage Skill Check Event
Grave "A grave where someone was buried. Their tombstone reads 'Rest in Peace'." Exhume (Requires Shovel)

If the players attempt to dig without a shovel, read: "You try to dig, but your hands are unable to break through the soil."

If the players attempt to dig with a shovel, read: "You are able to break through the soil. You feel as though the spirit of the person buried here is haunting you. You get -5 Karma and the title, Gravedigger."

Opening graves causes your shovel to lose 5% condition.

Voice If a player stands by an exhumed grave too long, read: "You hear voices from the disturbed dead. You earn the title, Haunted. You are being followed by a vengeful spirit."
Water Tower "A common water tower. Doesn't hold any water, however, since all the purified water supply comes from the Goodsprings Source."
Grave Loot

Whenever a player searches for loot, they roll a d100 and add twice their Luck. Whatever number they get, they get an item that corresponds with it. The condition they get the equipment in is also a d100 + (Luck * 2).

  • -25 - Nothing 
  • 26 - .22LR round, standard
  • 38 - .357 magnum round, standard 
  • 49 - 5.56mm round, standard
  • 61 - 9mm round, standard
  • 71 - 20 gauge shotgun shell round, standard
  • 80 - 9mm Pistol 
  • 88 - .357 Magnum Revolver (1st and 2nd Grave)
  • 88 - Varmint Rifle (3rd and 4th Grave)
  • +95 - Silenced .22 Pistol (1st and 2nd Grave)
  • +95 - Single Shotgun (3rd and 4th Grave)

Nightstalker's Den

When the Players get to the Nightstalker's Den, read:

"You see an open cave with several. . . things. . . roaming its mouth. You think these are the Nightstalkers -- a scientific abomination. A hybrid between a coyote and a rattlesnake. It has the head and tail of a rattlesnake and the body of a coyote. A sign is next to the cave opening, which reads 'Coyote Den'".

Outside the den are three Nightstalkers. Instead the den are three more Nightstalkers, two Nightstalker pups, and in the very back, the Nightstalker Den Mother.

Feat: A player with a perception of 9 will notice a weak spot in the cave. Someone with an explosive of 60 will notice that you can set up an explosive device and cause a cave in. If the player manages to cause a safe cave in by not having an explosive of 60, they gain +2 to Explosive.

Inside the cave are three Piles of Nightstalker Eggs. You can decide to break them or pick up an egg. Each pile will give the Player one egg. One egg will take a month to hatch and you can use the Nightstalker as an animal ally.


Sunny Smiles

  • What is This Place? or Tell me About Goodsprings
    • "This here town is Goodsprings, if you couldn't tell by the sign outside. It used to be a mining community before the war. A few years back, couple of us settled here.
  • Looking for Work or What Does a Sheriff Do Here?
    • "I'm always out protecting the crops from geckos. Tell you what, I got to chase some of those little monsters away from our water supply, darn things are attracted to it. Why don't y'all folks come along?"
      • Yes
        • "Alright, follow me. Its just up the road."
          • Go to 1.6 Goodsprings Source
      • No
          • "Alright then, I'll be waiting here until you're all ready to go.
  • Ask to Join Goodsprings Militia
    • "Say no more, I'm in."
      • Why?
        • "Joe Cobb talks about leaving us alone if we give up Ringo, but I know his type. He and his friends will come back to this town eventually."
    • "However, between us and Ringo, we aren't really a force to be reckon with. A lot of people here look up to Trudy. If you can convince her to join us, I know the rest of the town will surely join us. I know Easy Pete's got a stick of dynamite somewhere, and Chet just got a shipment of leather armor we could burrow. Talk to them as well. We'll all end up with a few extra holes in us, see if Doc Mitchell will cough up some stimpaks for us, that'd be great."
      • Any Ideas on How to Convince Them?
        • "For Trudy, a silver tongue would help. It would also help if we can convince her that our plan is good. I don't think 'give' is in Chet's dictionary, you'd have to barter with him. Easy Pete is very protective over his dynamite and he won't just hand it over to anybody. Doc Mitchell is a nice fella', maybe some medical knowledge can convince him."


  • Hello
    • "Well y'all been causing quite a stir. Glad I finally get to meet y'all. Welcome to the Prospector Saloon.".
  • Argument
    • "Looks like our little town got itself dragged into the middle of something we don't want any part of. About a week ago, this trader, Ringo, comes into town. Survivor of an attack, he says. Bad men after him, needs a place to hide. We figured he was just in shock, so we gave him a place to lie low. We didn't expect anyone to come looking for him. Some of the townsfolk, like Sunny, will probably stand up for Ringo if Joe and his group of friends come back. I personally hope that Ringo sneaks out of town one night and brings the Powder Gangers with him."
  • Powder Gangers
    • “Some convicts the NCR brought from the North to work on the mining caves. Problem is, it turns out giving convicts a bunch of dynamite and blasting powder isn’t the best idea. There was a big escape not too long ago. Some of ‘em stuck together so they could make trouble, and that’s what we’re dealing with.”
  • NCR
    • "Stands for New California Republic. They're some government with outposts all over the wasteland, from Oregon to Mexico."
  • Who was that?
    • "That was Joe Cobb. He's a convict, only without the chains. He's apart of some gang from the NCR Correctional Facility. They call themselves 'Powder Gangers'."
  • Kill Joe Cobb?
    • "You mean murder? Conflict isn't really our way in Goodsprings, even if he is scum. He can bluster and threaten all he wants."
  • Where is Ringo?
    • "He's held up at an abandoned gas station up the road."
  • Jukebox
    • "Not entirely sure what happened to the jukebox. Everything looks fine with it. Maybe there's some interior damage.
  • Vault 15
    • “All I remember from Vault 15 are bad memories. We were overcrowded and life was very bad. When the door opened, many people left, taking with them the best equipment. Still, some of us tried to stay in the vault. But then we were attacked by some raiders. I was hurt, and I ended up here. The other settlers decided to promote me to mayor.”
  • Other Places Nearby
    • "“Goodsprings doesn’t get much action, but a trader does come by at the beginning of each month to trade for our cattle meat and hide. The traders are the main reason the general store manages to stay in business. Most people just head on down to the Hub -- that’s where all the real important stuff happens.”
  • Leave
    • Before you leave, Trudy warns, "If you plan to leave town soon, stay out of the mountains. I'm hearing stories of travelling merchants disappearing."


Item Description Value
.357 Magnum Revolver Single-action, fixed-cylinder revolver. 110
Ammo Box, 20-Gauge Shotgun Shell (12) Bulk box of 20 gauge shotgun shells, manufactured by Purebore. 35
Ammo Box, 5.56mm Round AP (10) Bulk box of general purpose 5.56mm Rounds, Armor Piercing. 40
Booze An ancient liquor. 10
Cram Processed meat in a can. 5
Fixin' Things Magazine that divulges information on do-it-yourself repairs and how to mend things from metal tools to cloth. 30
Glass Pitcher Container with a sprout used for storing and pouring contents. 5
Large Scorched Book A large scorched book. 1
Maize (3) Leafy stalk which produce kernal. 15
Moonshine Alcoholic beverage with pronounced effects on the user's personality. 100
Noodles Stringy, unleavened dough. 5
Patriot's Cookbook Magazine which offers articles on creating and disarming explosive devices for a variety of purposes. There's a new recipe for using Abraxo cleaner as a key item in mailbox bombs. 30
Single Shotgun Firearm designed to fire multiple projectiles at close range. 175
Sunset Sarsaparilla Root beer-type carbonated beverage -- A fresh delight! 5
Weapon Repair Kit Box with all the equipment you'll need to repair a weapon. 35
Whiskey A distilled alcoholic beverage made from fermented grain mash. 10


  • Calm Ringo Down
    • The man puts his gun down and apologizes, "Sorry 'bout the gun, you just cut me off guard, that's all. I'm Ringo."
  • Joe Cobb
    • The man chuckles a bit and says, “He’s been trying to look for me. He doesn’t look very tough, though. I hear he’s afraid I’ll shoot him down from one of these windows if I see him and he’s right. I’ll have a much bigger problem when his friends show up. There’s no way I could handle all of them in a gunfight. I’m going to lay low for as long as I can, assuming the town doesn’t throw me to the wolves first. I’ve got no chance against the gang on my own.”
  • Help Ringo Out
    • Ringo replies, "I’ve only got a few caps on hand right now, but if you get me out of this mess, I’ll be sure the Crimson Caravan pays all of you back. You’ve got my word, but we’d all just end up in a grave if its only us. If some of the other townspeople were also on board, we’d be sure to come out victorious. Go see if the sheriff, Sunny Smiles, wants to join us - she’s friendlier than most around here.”
  • Who Are You?
    • “I'm a merchant. I work for the Crimson Caravan, the largest caravan outfit in the wasteland. We’re hired to a lot of high-risk jobs, like delivering water from the Hub across the mountain range.”
  • Trade?
    • "Sorry, all of my goods are south of here, where the Powder Gangers attacked my caravan. They've probably destroyed it."
  • The Hub
    • “The Hub is the wasteland’s main city of commerce, it’s right in the center of all the big cities. If you get me out of this mess I can take you there.”
  • Finish Gathering Militia
    • "So what happened? Did Sunny join us? Are we all ready to fight?"
      • Ready to Go
        • Sunny bursts through the gas station door, "Quickly, the Powder Gangers are here to play." Go to 1.6.3 Encounter -- Ghost Town Gunfight

Doc Mitchell

  • Healing
    • "Okay, okay. Why don't you relax a second, get your breathing. Let's see what the damage is. Oh that won't be a problem, old Doc Mitchell will have you patched up in no time."
      • Crippled Limb
        • ​50 Caps
      • Healing
        • ​30 Caps
      • Radiation Poisoning
        • ​40 Caps
  • Player Leaves
    • "Oh yea, wait just a minute. Notice y'all came from a vault, well I came from a vault myself, thought I'd give this gizmo. It's a radio receiver. It broke off of my pipboy when I broke it. Doesn't do me any good nowadays."
  • Vault 15
    • ​"Disaster of a place. It was overcrowded and nobody was able to communicate. As soon as the vault door opened, most of its citizens turned to pillaging to survive, but Goodsprings was founded by those who still believe in civil ways."
  • Help the Goodsprings Militia
    • "Seems like everywhere I go, its always the same. Folks never seem to just leave each other alone. I'm not good in a fight with my bum leg, but I could offer some medical supplies. How can I be so sure I'm putting it into good hands."
      • Medicine 35 Success
        • "Well, my supplies are scarce, but you seem like a medical expert, so I'll give you what I can spare."
      • Medicine 35 Failure
        • "Sorry, but I don't feel right giving y'all my meds."
  • Cure for Nightstalker Poison
    • "Ah, yes. Our brahmin and bighorners are dying every day to the Nightstalker poison. It would be helpful if you could return to me with a few Nightstalker tails -- that's where the poison is located. And, uh, don't be too shakin' by them. I don't know how exactly they were created, but those things are definitely unnatural, not the work of radiation or mutations. They have the boy of coyotes, but the head and tail of a cobra. They're located in the Nightstalker Den, just outside of town. While there, try and find a way to stop those things from spawning."


Item Description Value
Antidote Bottle containing a home-brewed antidote for poison. A milky solution with floating pieces of radscorpion flesh. 50
Doctor's Bag Large, leather bag filled with tools specifically used by doctors. 55
Crunchy Mutfruit Mysterious orange and purple fruit which resembles an apple. 5
Med-X Highly potent opiate analgesic that binds to opioid receptors in the brain and central nervous system, reducing the perception of pain as well as the emotional response to pain. 20
Mutfruit Mysterious purple fruit which resembles a strawberry. 5
Stimpak Stimulation delivery package. A hand-held medication used for injecting contents which immediately heal wounds 100

Easy Pete

  • Hello
    • The man continues to sing 'Blue Moon' to himself.
      • Hello
        • The man snaps out of his trance and shouts, "You say somethin'? I can't hear ya'!"
          • Who are you?
            • The man snorts and spits some tobacco into a jug next to him, "Townfolk call me Easy Pete. Used to be a traveller like yourselves. Used to call be a prospector, searching for pre-War junk, shit to sell. Real good claim out east by the mountains. Now, I just take it easy and help out the brahmin and bighorners."
          • Brahmin or Bighorners
            • "Y'all never heard of brahmin and bighorners? Have y'all been living under a rock? They're the herd. They supply the town with meat and are used by caravaning companies to transport goods. We've been losing a lot of them to geckos and the nightstalkers. Doc Mitchell is trying to make an antidote for the poison."
          • Ask to burrow Dynamite
            • "Too dangerous. Y'all blow yourselves up if I let you touch any of it. Better to leave it buried, safer that way."
              • Explosives 35 Success
                • "Uh huh, guess you know what you're doing after all. It's buried up in the cemetery. Tombstone reads 'Arch Stanton'."
              • Explosives 35 Failure
                • "Too dangerous, sorry. Blow yourselves up, blow your neighbor up, blow up the whole town."


  • Hello
    • "Yo, you folks from the vault? I've got plenty for sale. Even got some weapon mods and special ammo -- well worth your caps, if you ask me."
  • Ask to Help Goodsprings Militia
    • "Now hold on a minute, I never voted to take on the Powder Gangers. That's at least a thousand cap investment. I got a business to run, why should I help you?"
      • Barter 35 Success
        • "Alright, alright. You made your point. I can provide the militia with leather armor and some extra ammo. I sure hope its worth it. And, uh, I'll be guarding this store while all this is going on. I have to put my business first, you understand."
      • Barter 35 Failure
        • "Sorry, I really wish I can help, but I have to put my business first, you understand."
  • Weapon Mods / Special Ammo
    • "Weapon mods are pieces you can attach to different guns that can boost their power. Silencers, extended magazines -- those things. Special ammo are similar. You got armor piercing, hollow point."


Item Description Value
Ammo Box, 10mm JHP (10) Bulb box of 10mm Jacketed Hollow Point bullets, manufactured by the Bureau of Alcohol, Drugs, Tobacco, Firearms, and Lasers. 50
Ammo Box, .357 Magnum (50) Bulk box of .357 calibur bullets, manufactured by Big Chief. 50
Ashtray Ceramic, heat-resistant receptacle. 5
Cattleman Cowboy Hat Straw cowboy hat with a wide, slightly curved brim, a slightly indented top, and a ring of vents halfway up. 10
Doctor's Bag Large, leather bag full of tools specifically used by doctors. 50
Duct Tape A silver roll of tape used before the war to seal ducts and fix just about anything. 15
Nuka-Cola Most popular soft drink in Pre-War and Post-War United States. 15
Pickaxe Hand tool with a hard head attached perpendicular to the handle. A common instrument in propsector's inventory. 60
Revolver Long Barrel Weapon Modifier A long barrel weapon modification designed for revolvers. Decreases the sprea, but also decreases the damage. 250
Rockatansky Leather Armor Enhanced, one-sleeved, black leather armor with football shoulderpads-styled pauldrons. 180
Salesman Weekly Magazine full of articles with practical finance advice and smart tips to manage your money. 30
Shovel Wood handled tool, useful for digging. 25
Varmint Rifle Low powered bolt-action entry rifle. 75
Wonderglue Tube of cynaocrylate. 10
Wrench Tool used to grip and mechanical leverage used to turn rotary fasteners. 15

Joe Cobb

  • Hello
    • "What the fuck do you want?"
  • Who are you?
    • "That's none of your fucking business."
  • Ringo
    • "Ringo's some merchant who decided to shoot rather than pay the toll for being in our territory. We know he's hiding somewhere in town. Would serve these idiots right if me and my friends shot this place up after we got payback on Reno."
      • This Area is Your Territory?
        • "This is our territory now. My gang busted out of the NCR prison east of here, then took it over. Now we're calling the shots."
  • What Did You Go to Prison for?
    • "None of your damn business. You ought to know better than to ask a man that kind of question."
      • Persuasion 35 Success
        • "Robbed some people, burned some things, killed a few guys. Happy?"
      • Persuasion 35 Failure
        • "You're getting on my nerves. Back the fuck off, I'm gonna blow this joint." He stops talking to you.
  • Help Catch Ringo
    • "If you can convince these people to hand over Ringo, my gang will set y'all up with some nice gear and protection. I'll be waiting up in the cemetary until you're ready.
  • Ready to Capture Ringo
    • "Alright, follow me. We'll meet up with my gang and march into that pathetic town."

Barton Thorn

  • Help / Where is your girlfriend? / How to get to her?
    • "Go up this path to the right, past the broken radio tower, and to another right, farther up the cliff."
      • Investigation 35 Success
        • You can tell there's something wrong going on here. This man is very calm about this situation and seems to the directions a bit too well.
      • Investigation 35 Failure
        • "You do not notice anything out of the ordinary."

Goodsprings Settler

  • Players attempt to talk to her
    • "Thank you, thank you. Nothing I own could ever repay you." The woman hands you a plastic bottle of puried water before running away.

Experience Points

  • Fo1 Shady Good Ending
    Discover Goodsprings
    • 10 XP
  • Finish Back in the Saddle
    • 50 XP
  • Finish Ghost Town Gunfight by defeating the the Powder Gangers
    • 150 XP
    • Goodsprings Fame +100
    • Powder Gangers Fame -100
    • Karma +30
  • Finish Ghost Town Gunfight by defeating the Goodsprings Militia
    • 150 XP
    • Goodsprings Fame -100
    • Powder Gangers Fame +100
    • Karma -30
  • Bring Nightstalker Tails to Doc Mitchell to find a cure for Nightstalker Poison
    • 30 XP
    • 2 Antidote
    • Karma +20