Goodsprings Cemetery

Map: Goodsprings Cemetery

When the players first come to the Goodsprings Cemetery, read:

"You come to a hill with makeshift warning signs, among them reading 'KEEP OUT' and 'DON'T DIG'. At the top of the hill are graves and a water tower."

If the players are on the Back in the Saddle quest, put five Bloatflies on the map, scattered around the top.

Item Passage Skill Checks Special Actions

"A grave where someone was buried. Their tombstone reads 'Rest in Peace'."

"This tombstone reads 'Here lies Arch Stanton'"

"This one doesn't have a tombstone. Just two sticks stuck together to make a cross shape."

"This tombstone appears to be some kind of grocery list. 1 Mutant Cave Fungus, 1 Salient Green, and 1 bottle of Vodka."

Exhume (Requires Shovel)

If the players attempt to dig without a shovel, read: "You try to dig, but your hands are unable to break through the soil."

If the players attempt to dig a grave other, than the Arch Stanton grave, with a shovel, read: "You are able to break through the soil. You feel as though the spirit of the person buried here is haunting you. You get -5 Karma and the title, Gravedigger."

If the players attempt to dig the Arch Stanton grave, read: "You are able to break through the soil. You find a stash of three dynamite with a note saying 'Please return to Easy Pete'."

Opening graves causes your shovel to lose 5% condition.

Plant "You see two Broc Flowers."
Voice If a player stands by an exhumed grave too long, read: "You hear voices from the disturbed dead. You earn the title, Haunted. You are being followed by a vengeful spirit."
Water Tower "You see a common water tower. Doesn't hold any water, however, since all the purified water supply comes from the Goodsprings Source."

If a player searches for loot in the graves, other than the Arch Stanton grave, have them roll their d100 die and add twice their Luck to it. If they get a weapon, have that weapon's condition be equal to a different d100 roll, and add twice their Luck to it.

  • 25: Nothing
  • 26: .22LR round, standard (15)
  • 38: .357 magnum round, standard (15)
  • 49: 5.56mm round, standard (15)
  • 61: 9mm round, standard (15)
  • 71: 20 gauge shotgun shell, standard (15)
  • 80: 9mm Pistol
  • 86: .357 Magnum Revolver
  • 91: Silenced .22 Pistol
  • 96: Single Shotgun

Goodsprings Source

Map: Goodsprings Source

Item Passage Skill Checks Special Actions
Campfire "You see a campfire. You can make various creations here with the Medicine and Survival skills, as long as your skill is high enough." If the PC meets the requirement and have the ingredients, they can make whatever is on the list.
Peak "The cliff is full of different garbage. You see a couple billards balls, activated bear traps, a few playing cards, a lawn chair, and an ammo box of energy cells, ammunition for most energy weapons."

Upon reaching the peak, if the players have encountered Barton Thorn, he will appear and tell them, "Hey, sorry I tricked you, but thanks for clearing out the geckos. Now that I can get to my stash up here, I'll have to deal with you." Barton attacks you.

If the players search through the loot, raed: "You find 2 billards balls, 3 Bear Traps, 4 Aces, a Lawn Chair, 20 Energy Cells, and a Lead Pipe."

Trailer "You see a very small and tight-spaced trailer. There is no door and the window is broken. Inside is only a mattress." If the PCs beat Back in the Saddle, read: When the PCs walk into the trailer, read, "As you walk towards the trailer, a man runs up to you, panting. 'Please help! My girl... trapped by a pack of geckos on the ridge. I can't get to her, if you don't help, she'll die!". Go to Barton the Fink.
Water Sources "You see a well with water very far below. You may wish to stay here a while and drink or gather some purified water." The players may drink as much water as they want to lower their dehydration meter.

Goodsprings Schoolhouse

Map: Goodsprings Schoolhouse

If a player hops over a fence or a player spots the mantises in the grass, put five around the stump.

If a player enters the schoolhouse or looks through the window, put five around the center of the building.

Item Passage Skill Checks Special Actions
Blackboard "You can faintly see three math formulas written in chalk. You can use academics to solve them." Solve math formulas - Academics 35 If the PCs successfully solved the math problems, read: "After successfully solving the math problems, you get the numbers 12, 36, 18."
Closet "You see a closet door." Unlock closet - Lockpicking 35

If the PCs walk into the closet, read: "Inside the closet, you see a vacuum and a shelf containing two ruined books, a crutch and a key."

If the PCs try to open the closet door, read: "The door won't open. It must be locked."

Desk "You see a desk."

If the PCs search the desk, read: "You found a magazine called Lad's Life, which contains articles written for boy scouts."

If the PCs try to check another desk, read: "You find nothing inside the desk."

Eggsack "It appears to be a sack of eggs." Identify - Survival 35 or Investigation 35

If the PCs identified the eggsacks, read: "You noticed that the eggsacks are spawning more mantises."

The PCs can destroy the eggsack with any attack.

Fence "You see a fence. Its rusted and sharp parts are petruding from it." Climb fence - Athletics 15

If a PC successfully climbs over the fence and the Mantises haven't been spotted yet, read: "Mantises pop out of the grass and surprise you."

If a PC fails to climb the fence, they take 1 damage.

Safe "You see a safe. Its locked." Unlock Safe - Lockpick 35, Use Key, Use Code If the PCs search the safe after unlocking it, read: "Inside the safe are 30 bottlecaps and a stealth boy, a device which can cause you turn invisible by reflecting light."
Stump "You see a tree stump covered in moss and turnip-like stalks surrounding it. The wind seems to be blowing the grass around a lot." Examine - Investigation 35

The PCs can harvest the turnip-like stalks. If they harvest them, the PCs get three Xander Roots.

If the PCs successfully examine it, read: "You see giant mantis-like creatures hidding in the grass."

Terminal "That's a terminal. It holds information, from before and after the war. They are also used to control other things in the surrounding, like turrets or robots. They can be hacked with science." Hack Terminal -- Science 35 If the terminal is hacked, read,"On the terminal's interface, it has a link to unlock the safe."
Window "You see a broken window." If the players use the window to look inside, they can get the locations of the mantises before walking into the building and slaughter them from outside.

Nightstalker's Den

When the Players get to the Nightstalker's Den, read:

"You see an open cave with several. . . things. . . roaming its mouth. You think these are the Nightstalkers -- a scientific abomination. A hybrid between a coyote and a rattlesnake. It has the head and tail of a rattlesnake and the body of a coyote. A sign is next to the cave opening, which reads 'Coyote Den'".

Outside the den are three Nightstalkers. Instead the den are three more Nightstalkers, two Nightstalker pups, and in the very back, the Nightstalker Den Mother.

Feat: A player with a perception of 9 will notice a weak spot in the cave. Someone with an explosive of 25 will notice that you can set up an explosive device and cause a cave in. If the player manages to cause a safe cave in by not having an explosive of 25, they gain +2 to Explosive.

Inside the cave are three Piles of Nightstalker Eggs. You can decide to break them or pick up an egg. Each pile will give the Player one egg. One egg will take a month to hatch and you can use the Nightstalker as an animal ally.

Put three or so Mutant Cave Fungus around the cave as well.


Back in the Saddle, Part 1

Use one blank 10x10 grid. Set Sunny Smiles and Cheyanne on one side and seven placeholders for glass bottles on the other.

"You see Sunny Smiles at a shooting range. She's putting glass bottles on top of a fence.  'You see those Sarsaparilla Bottles?' she asks, 'take this and try to hit a couple of them.' She gives you guys a Varmint Rifle and ten 5.56mm bullets for practice."

After the players successfully shoots one glass bottle, read:

"Okay, now try crouching and staying still. It will help your aim."

After the players successfully shoots another glass bottle, read:

"Sunny Smiles training has helped you with your shooting skills. You gain 2 to Light Weapons. Sunny Smiles stops the training. Well, that's a start, but I don't reckon you came to me to learn to fight sarsaparilla bottles. Tell you what. I gotta go chase geckos away from our water supply anyway. Darn critters are attracted to it. Why don't you guys come along?"



"Follow me. Its just down the road."

Go to Encounter: Back in the Saddle, Part 2 in Goodsprings .


"Alright then, I'll be waiting here until you're all ready to go."

Back in the Saddle, Part 2

Use the Goodsprings Source map for this. Set the players, Sunny Smiles and Cheyenne underneath the huge cliff near the trailer.

"Sunny Smiles commands the party to stop. She takes out binoculars to check out the first water source. You can faintly hear some kind of chirping. Sunny hands over 10 5.56mm bullets. 'You hear that on the ridge behind me there? We got some geckos to clear out. Bunch of little monsters is what they are. Seems like Doc Mitchell treats Gecko bites than anything else. Let's see if we can get a little closer. If we move quietly, we can get the jump on 'em. More likely to hit something vital that way. She sends one of you out there to try and get a sneak attack."

Place three Green Geckos around the first water source, behind the cliff.

After the players kill the Geckos, read:

"Sunny Smiles gathers the players around to congratulate them. 'See, you're getting the hang of it now.' she says. 'There's still two more wells that need clearing. If you want, you can come along. It will earn you a few more caps.'"



"Shouldn't take more than a few minutes, especially with such a large group. Sunny hands over 10 more 5.56mm bullets and 25 caps."


"Well, alright then. Here's your caps. Sunny hands over 25 caps and goes back to the town."

When the players get next to the first cliff leading towards the next water source, place three Green Geckos around it.

When the players get underneath the bridge, place a Goodsprings Settler with her back against the cliff and three Green Geckos surrounding her so she can't escape.

If the players manage to save the Goodsprings Settler, read:

"The villager rushes over to you. Thank you, thank you. Nothing I own could ever repay you. The woman hands you a plastic bottle of puried water before running away."

If the players do not manage to save the Goodsprings Settler, they can loot her for 9 Caps, a Field Hand Outfit, a Cleaver, and a bottle of Purified Water.

If Cheyenne dies and the players are not in battle, read:

"Sunny Smiles stands over Cheyenne and pets her one last time. 'Confound it, Cheyenne. Why'd you have to go running off like that? You were supposed to stay.' Sunny Smiles stands back up and apologizes, 'I'm sorry, you shouldn't see me like this. I'm not gonna be very good company right now.'"

After all of the Green Geckos are cleared, read:

"Sunny hands over 50 caps and congratulates you guys, 'Good work, but I did have another thing to teach you. Follow me to this campfire."

Place Sunny Smiles and Cheyenne next to the campfire.

"Thought I might teach you about living off the land, and making useful things for yourself. We'll need a couple of ingredients to get started. Gonna want some Xander Root and Broc Flower. Lemme think now. . . I know I've seen Broc Flowers growing up at the graveyard. And I seem to remember there being Xander Root over by the schoolhouse. Bring those back to me and we'll get cooking.

Barton the Fink

If the players make a successful Investigation 30 check on Barton to see his expressionless face, read:

Investigation 35


"You can tell there's something wrong going on here. This man is very calm about this situation and seems to the directions a bit too well."


"You do not notice anything out of the ordinary."