Name Introduction Location Event

Bob's Pre-Owned Car Mart

You stumble upon a used car salesman in the middle of the wasteland.He has a small office surrounded by broken junk cars. The Hub

It turns out that the used car salesman, Bob is actually insane and is stuck in his own little world.He has an imaginary crew that fixes his imaginary cars.

Will sell a Fuel Cell Controller for 2000.

Bounty Hunter An armored man in a trench coat and cowboy hat approaches the player. He holds up a wanted poster next to the group and notices one of you is on it for murder of a child. He says that the player must come with him to the prison at the Hub or else they will be killed. The Hub (Childkiller Perk) If the players do not accept going with him to the prison cell, the players will have to fight him. He won't kill the players and knock them all unconscious. They wake up in the prison in the Hub.
Brahmin Herd A rather strange and spontaneous herd of six brahmin appears in the desert. They wander aimlessly around you and shout phrases such as "Moo" and "Moo, I say". The Hub
Nuka-Cola Truck You see an overturned Nuka-Cola truck in the distance. Necropolis

If the players search the Nuka-Cola truck, they gain a predefined number of caps (Luck^2 * 10).

Pariah Dog You stumble upon a scene of a huge massacre. Another adventuring party has been torn to pieces. You see a lone surviving dog. Necropolis (Level 5, 2% + AvgLuck)

When someone decides to approach the dog, read: "This skinny mut seems to like you. From the dog tag, you can see his name is Pariah. Pariah seems to follow you everywhere you go. You can't seem but feel very unlucky around this dog."

Whoever decides to approach the dog receives -1 to Luck as long as the Pariah Dog is alive. If the player has gifted, they get -2 instead. They also get the Jinxed trait if they don't have it already.

Patrick the Celt You stumble upon a lonely red-haired man named Patrick wistling a tune. The Hub

If the players ask him who he is, read: "I wander from place to place, making a living with music and little bit of tinkering work. I'm an adventurer, just like you guys. I come from a Celtic family with a strong desire to preserve the family heritage, collecting any information I can on the Celts. I can sing you a song if you'd like."

Feat: If the players listen to Patrick's song, they pick up new information on Celtic history and one of the players gain a 2 to Academics.

Unusual Call Box You see an unusual large blue police call box in the distance. Necropolis (Wacky Wasteland) As soon as you begin to approach the strangely placed object, lights on the top begin spinning and the box slowly vanishes with a wooshing sound, leaving behind a Motion Sensor.