Reputation is the opinion of a certain public toward a person or a group of people. There are tons of factions, big and small, within the wasteland. Your reputation with factions will be tracked, and you will be given access to new areas. As you perform tasks for a group, you gain fame. If you perform tasks against that group, you gain infamy. Reputation is not black and white, however. You can acquire special titles, like pacifist or desperado. In the end, the actual benefits and drawbacks really depend on the group themselves. You may receive discounts from merchants, provoke attacks from hired thugs, or simply be treated differently.

Faction members can be killed with no loss of reputation, as long as its a successful sneak attack and you manage to get away with nobody suspecting you. If faction members see you putting on clothes of their faction, or walk into or near their holdout with enemy faction clothing, they'll become hostile.


If you perform enough tasks for a faction, you may acquire a special title, which has its own benefits and penalties. For example, if you perform enough missions for a crime family, you can become a Made Man of that family. You wouldn't be allowed near any other crime families' comphounds and some townsfolk might be afraid of you, even if you have very good karma.

Title Description Requirement Benefit Penalty
Berserker You have killed a large number of people. This is not a good thing to get known for. People from the wrong side of the tracks like you better, however. Kill many good people. None None
Champion Your actions have revealed you to be a champion of the people. Your war against evil and villainy is widely known. Honorable people will respect you. Kill many bad people. None None
Childkiller You have killed children, the youth of the wasteland. This is considered a really bad thing. You evil, evil person. Kill a child. None Bounty hunters will come for you
Gigolo Let's be honest: you sleep with anything that walks on two legs. Sometimes, you're not even that discriminating. Have sex with three different people. Persuasion, Seduction +10 None
Grave Digger "They're dead, they don't care" is your motto. Digging up the remains of others is more of a hobby for you. Dig up a grave. None Karma -5
Made Man You are the "Made Man" of the ____ Family. You are well known, well respected, and look great in a fedora. Join a crime family.

Respect among your crime families

Deception, Intimidation +10

Hated by other crime families
Married You got hitched. Hey, its your problem, not ours.  Get married. None None
Porn Star You are a big, bright, shining star. Your sexual exploits are well known throughout New Reno. Star in a porn film. Persuasion, Seduction +10 None
Prizefighter You are the heavyweight champion of Northern California. You have gained fame, respect, the love of thousands... and a bonus to your toughness and unarmed skill. Win a boxing tournament.

Pugilism +5

Damage Resistance +5

Separated Your spouse is no longer with you. I hope you're happy. Lose your spouse. None None
Slaver You've been marked as a member of the Slaver's Guild. Join the Slaver's Guild. None None


The nuclear wasteland has an abstract system of morals, and performing certain actions can raise and lower a person's karma. Karma is a numerical value that shows just how good, bad, or neutral someone is. The karma value also shows how renown you are throughout the entire wasteland..