If this is the first time in Prospector Saloon, read:

"Inside a redheaded woman attempts to fix a jukebox in the corner, producing only static noises. A dog, sleeping by her side, becomes alarmed and begins to bark viciously at you. She restricts the dog, 'Cheyenne, stay!'. Calmingly, she greets the party, 'Don't worry, She won't bite. . . unless I tell her to. You folks must be new in town. I'm the sheriff, Sunny Smiles. What can I do y'all for?"


Tell Me Abouts

What is this place? / Goodsprings

"This here town is Goodsprings, if you couldn't tell by the sign outside. It used to be a mining community before the war. A few years back, couple of us settled here."

Looking for Work / Talk about being a sheriff

"I'm always out protecting the crops from geckos. Tell you what, I got to chase some of those little monsters away from our water supply, darn things are attracted to it. Why don't y'all folks come along?"


"Alright, follow me. Its just up the road."

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"Alright then, I'll be waiting here until you're all ready to go.


Doc Mitchell said you could train us?

"Yea, I guess there's a thing or I could show you. Sounds like you could use all the help you can get. Meet me outside, behind the Saloon." Sunny walks outside.

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