Traits are optional modifications that affect the Player Characters. Traits mostly modify aspects of gameplay, such as primary attributes, derived statistics, and skills, but can modify story elements as well. Traits have positive and negative effects, unlike perks. Player Characters may choose up to two traits, or even none at all before they start their campaign. Whenever a Player Character mutates, they change into two possible races, Super Mutant or Ghoul, and are allowed to choose new traits, including their racial traits.

Skill Description Race Benefit Penalty
Acid Blood You coarse with acidic blood. If you get wounded, acid splashes on nearby characters. Ghoul Whenever you are hit, perform a 1d4 Acid Attack Roll to each adjacent character Whenever you are hit, perform a 1d4 Acid Attack Roll to each adjacent character
Anger Management You're mad as hell, and you can't control it anymore! +2 Strength while in combat. -2 Perception while in combat.
Au Naturel You've never been a fan of technology and prefered a more natural way of life. Light Weapons, Pugilism, Survival +10

Mechanics, Medicine, Science -5

Fear of Technology

Beta Software You were one of the first robots created. You were made with more memory and parts installed, but most of the add-ons are full of glitches. Robot Tagged Skill +1

Critical Failures on 1 and 2 Rolls

Critical Failures change into Glitch-Related Accidents

Bloody Mess By some strange twist of fate, people around die violently. You always see the worst way a person can die.

People around you die in horrifically gruesome ways.

Critical damage x1.05

No penalty
Bonsai Through careful nurturing you've gotten a small fruit tree to grow out on your head. Fruit will appear in your inventory from time to time. Ghoul At the beginning of each day, a fruit appears in your inventory No penalty
Bruiser A little slower, but a little bigger. You may not hit as often, but they will feel it when you do! Unarmed Damage x1.25 & Melee Damage x1.25 Unarmed & Melee Attack cost 1 more AP
Built to Destroy The flamer that burns twice as bright burns half as long. All weapons have higher critical damage, but breaks faster. Critical Damage x1.5 Whenever you would mark a condition box, you mark two instead.
Chameleon Camouflag You've retained your ability as a chameleon to adjust your skin color and blend in better with your surroundings.  Deathclaw Once per day, you can activate your color changing ability. This will make you nearly invisible with a Stealth Field of 100. While this ability is activated, you take 2d6 damage each turn.
Chem Reliant You are more easily addicted to chems. Your chance to be addicted by chems is twice normal, but you recover faster from their ill effects. No Robot Addiction Recovery is halved Addiction Chance is doubled
Chem Resistant You try to avoid cheap thrills from chemical enhancements. Chemicals only affect you half as long as normal, but your chance to get addicted is half normal. No Robot Addiction Chance is halved Chem Effects Duration is halved
Claustrophobia You have a fear of indoor spaces (probably because of all the mutants that live there). +1 to all Attributes when outside

-1 to all Attributes when inside

Fear of Indoors

Domesticated You have undergone extensive house training and developed higher than normal intelligence; however, you do reduced unaremd damage. Deathclaw or Dog Intelligence +2 Unarmed Damage is halved
Dyslexic You had trouble reading print since childhood. Instead of learning by reading your textbooks, you improved your skills by experimenting. No Animals An additional tagged skill. You can't use Skill Books or Skill Magazines.
Early Bird Hey early risers! Enjoy a +1 to all Attributes during daytime, but suffer a -1 to all Attributes during nighttime. Attributes +2 during daytime Attributes -2 during nighttime
EMP Shielding You were built with a dedicated EMP Shielding system, making you more heavier and, therefore, slower. Robot Damage Resistance 30 to EMP Agility -2
Fast Metabolism Your metabolic rate is twice normal. This means that you are much less resistant to radiation and poison, but your body heals faster. Human Healing Rate * 2 Radiation Resistance & Poison Resistance -20
Fast Shot You don't have time to aim because you shoot faster than normal people. All gun weapons cost 1 less AP Unable to aim attacks
Fear the Reaper You have cheated death! You gain perks more quickly than everyone, unfortunately you've made Death's hate list! Ghoul Perk Rate -1 Hit Points reduced by (Level * 2)
Feral Kid You may not have grown up in the wasteland, but you have the heart of a tribal. You are swift and powerful, but you tend to shun the company of others. No Robot Damage from thrown objects x2 Charisma -2
Finesse Your attacks show a lot of finesse. You don't do as much normal damage, but your crits are terrifying. Critical Damage x1.50 Damage x0.80
Four Eyes You have bad eyes, lowering your perception. Without glasses, your base perception is reduced by two, but with glasses, your base perception is raised by 2. No Robot With glasses, your base perception is raised by 2. Without glasses, your base perception is lowered by 2.
Gifted You have more innate abilities than most, so you have not spent time honing your skills. No Robot All Attributes +2 All Skills x0.5 ; Four less Skill Points to spend per level
Glowing One Extreme radiation exposure has left you glowing in the dark! Darkness is no obstacle to you or your enemies. You irradiate those around you. Ghoul Glow in the Dark, Irradiate Those Around You Glow in the Dark, Irradiate Those Around You
Good Natured You've studied less combative skills as you were growing up. Your combat skills start at lower levels, but other skills are substantially improved.

Academics, Barter, Craftsmanship, Mechanics, Medicine, Science, Persuasion +10

Energy Weapons, Explosives, Heavy Weapons, Light Weapons, Melee Weapons, Pugilism -10
Grotesque Appearance You're ugly! So ugly, you scar even the scariest bad guys away, but you also scare peaceful townsfolk. No Robot Hostile foes are more likely to flee from combat Townsfolk are more likely to flee from your sight
Guilty Conscious You can't help but feel more bad about even the smallest things than usual. It hurts just thinking about it! Whenever you receive positive karma, you receive 1d6 hit points.

Negative Karma you receive is doubled.

Whenever you receive negative karma, you are dealt 2d6 damage.

Ham Fisted Genetic engineering has endowed you with huge hands. Super Mutant Extra Tagged Skill on Pugilism Craftsmanship, Lockpicking Mechanics, Medicine, Science, and Thievery are all reduced by 10
Heavy Handed You swing harder, not better. Your attacks are brutal, but lack finesse. Unarmed Damage x1.2 Unarmed Critical Damage x0.8
Hoarder You feel more safe when you are carrying over 125 lbs of junk on you. Carry Weight increased by 25 lbs Attributes are reduced by 1 whenever you are carrying less than 125 lbs of junk
Hot Blooded Whenever your health goes below 50%, you get angry. Damage increases, but your rage blinds your attributes. Damage x1.25 when your hit points go below 50% Perception and Agility -2 when your hit points go below 50%
Insomniac Its hard for you to go sleep, but you don't really need sleep anyway. No Robot No negative effects from fatigue, except death. You can't get bonus xp from being well-rested.
Jack of All Trades You've never focused your attention on one skill (or three). Rather, you dabbled in everything thus gaining familarity but not expertise.

+10 to all Skill Points

3 additional skill points at level up

You start with three less tagged skills.
Jinxed The good thing is that everyone around you has more critical failures in combat. The bad thing is - so do you! Enemies' Critical Failure x2 Your Critical Failure x2
Kamikaze By not paying attention to any threats, you can act a lot faster in a turn. Action Point increased by 1 No agility bonus to Armor Class
Kleptomaniac You've practiced all your life being a master thief, you don't even realize you're stealing! Each level, add (level x1.5, rounded up) to your Thievery skill You have a Stealing Addiction
Lone Wolf You are at your best when you work alone. Damage x1.2 when not adjacent to another ally Damage x0.6 when adjacent to another ally
Loose Cannon From frag grenades to throwing spears, you throw super fast at the cost of reduced range. Thrown Weapons cost 1 less AP Throwing Distance x0.60
Munchkin The runt of the litter, you were born smaller than the rest of your brood. What you lack in size, you make up for in agility. Agility bonus to Armor Class and Evade bonus are doubled

Strength -1

You are a midget.

Nasty Disposition You've grown up all your life with intent to harm others. As long as you have negative karma, you have improved weapon skills. Energy Weapons, Explosives, Heavy Weapons, Light Weapons, Melee Weapons, and Pugilism increased by x1.5 when karma is negative Energy Weapons, Explosives, Heavy Weapons, Light Weapons, Melee Weapons, and Pugilism decreased by x0.50 when karma isn't negative
Night Person As a nighttime person, you are more awake when the sun goes down. Attributes +2 during nighttime Attributes -2 during daytime
Nightkin Commando Elite warrior caste of Super Mutants. Use of the Stealth Boys have caused them to gain natural invisibility powers, but mental disorders as well. Super Mutant

Considered a Nightkin.

Once per day, you can use your invisibility power and gain a Stealth Field of 100.

Mental disorder.

Stealth Boy Addiction.

Old Timer With age comes knowledge. Unfortunately, you also get senile. At the beginning of every month, you get a predetermined amount of experience.

At the beginning of every month, you gain -5 to all skills.

Age > 40

One Hander One of your hands is very dominant. You excel at single-weapon combat, but two-handed weapons cause trouble. One-Handed Weapon Attack Rolls x1.2 Two-Handed Weapon Attack Rolls x0.6
One in a Million You're not particularly lucky or unfortunate, but when lightning strikes, it strikes twice as hard. Critical Hits x2 Critical Failures x2
Overweight You're fat-err. . . I mean big bone. You don't feel the effects of starvation, but your big bones slow you down. No Robot No status effects from starvation, except Death -2 Agility

Radiation makes you sick. Literally! You feel healthier than ever when not radiated, but radiation affects you faster than anyone else.

Human +1 to all Attributes when your rad counter is at zero. Each time you receive radiation, you receive double that amount.
Rabid You are a half crazed feral killing machine. Crippled limbs have less effect on you and you receive bonus Action Points whenever you kill an opponent. But chems, including stimpaks, have no effect on you. Deathclaw or Dog

Crippled limbs have less effect on you.

You receive 5 AP whenever you kill someone.

Chems, including stimpaks, have no effect on you.
Red Scare You are paranoid to the extreme and think everyone is trying to do you in. Your effect perception increases by one, but your shaky nerves in combat increases weapon spread. Perception +1

To Hit Chance -10

Fear of Authority

Regular Maintenance Your equipment decay faster, but you are able to boost your equipment condition faster as well. Equipment Repair Time is x3.0 Faster (Three Hours) Whenever an equipment loses a condition box, it loses two instead.
Skilled Since you spend more of your time improving your skills than a normal person, you get to distribute more skill points. The tradeoff is that you do gain many abilties. You get a perk every three levels instead of two. No Robot Skill Points per Level x1.5 Perk Rate +1
Sex Appeal You got the "right" stuff. Members of the opposite sex are attracted to you, but those of the same sex tend to be quite jealous. Opposite sex reacts more favorably Same sex find you annoying
Small Frame You're not quite as big as the others, but that never slowed you down. Your small frame makes you more agile, but your limbs are easier take more damage than usual. Agility +2 Damage to your limbs increased by x1.25
Strong, Silent Type You've mastered the art of conversation by not making much conversation at all. You speak with body language and squinty stares.

Strength +1

Endurance +1

Intelligence -1

Charisma -1

Targeting System You have a dedicated targeting system. All attacks are more spot on, but take longer to perform. Robot Aimed Attack Rolls increased by x1.50 All attacks cost 1 more AP
Tech Genius You've spent formative years hunched over a bench, learning tech stuff. Trouble is, it ruined your body! Craftsmanship, Lockpicking, Mechanics, and Science increased by x1.2 Strength, Perception, and Agility decreased by 2
Tight Nuts This robot was built to take the knocks. Robot +5 Damage Threshold to Any Attack You only gain half the hit points back from repairs.
Trigger Discipline You've practiced proper trigger discipline. The spread of ranged weapons decrease, but at the cost of using one more action point. Weapon Spread x0.5 Ranged Weapons cost 1 more AP
Vat Skin Other people find you hideous to behold and vomitous to smell! Super Mutant Armor Class +10 You and everyone in your proximity have -2 Perception
Wacky Wasteland Wild Wasteland unleashes the most bizarre and silly elements of post-apocalyptic America. Not for the faint of heart or the serious of temperament. Adds additional "wacky" content and modifies existing content and random encounters, but only for you and anyone else with Wacky Wasteland.

Game becomes significantly less serious, but only for you and anyone else with Wacky Wasteland.

Whiskey Rose From being drunk so much, you have gained a strong resistance to alcohol, but not being intoxicated makes you depressed.

No negative effects from alcohol.

+1 to all Attributes when intoxicated.

All attributes get -1 when you aren't intoxicated